The DryGoods Shop is located in West Asheville, North Carolina. We are in a beautiful old building that originally was called Meadows Dry Goods. There was shoes and overalls and sewing supplies sold here then, and it was a congregating place for the neighborhood on Saturday nights. 

We continue the practice of lively banter while co-working in the large area of studio spaces. There is much debate as to fonts and seam allowances, as well as a general give-and-take of supplies and coffee. The front of the shop is dedicated to things we make in-house, as well as a selection of other locally made goods. We also offer occasional classes, private lessons, and parties that are sure to feature some kind of home baked good as well as comfortable conversation.



Leigh Anne Hilbert

Leigh Anne Hilbert: Designer, Maker and Teacher
The DryGoods Shop and Overlap Sewing Studio

Leigh Anne  was born and raised in the Virginia mountains. Many of the women in her family were very skilled with their hands, from cooking to quilting and everything in between.  She was, and is, always inspired by this way of living, of learning by doing and the necessity behind it to be self-sufficient. Everything she does is anchored by the idea of function first, with a strong sense of design and aesthetic and link to a time when things were made to last. 

Leigh Anne spent many hours in her colleges' costume shop, sewing and dyeing. Upon graduation, with a degree in painting and drawing, those skills accompanied her out west. She worked for a leather worker in Portland and then all around San Francisco and Berkeley, designing and building costumes, including in the UC Costume Shop, where she was an assistant and student advisor, as well as the curator for their extensive historical costume collection. She also had the opportunity to teach at Creativity Explored, an art center for adults with developmental disabilities. It was in this exuberant place that she discovered a real love for teaching, as well as a life devoted to the knowledge that making things can make you happier.

Meri Hannon

Night Heron Studio

I grew up in my mother's sewing shop and spent hours behind her industrial vintage hemstitchers and smocking machines. From a very small age I was immersed in the work of making. Naturally, this led me to study fibers and fashion in southern Savannah,Georgia. Home is now the mountains of North Carolina where we have a huge community of makers and artists. I operate out of the collective studios of The Dry Goods Shop in West Asheville where I find insight and inspiration from my fellow seamstresses.

Brandon Pass Architect

Asheville Modern Architecture

Brandon Pass Architect strives to produce an architecture that recognizes the responsibilities of the built form where environmental, social and contextual factors shape each insertion into a given landscape.  An architecture rooted in time and place can result from the intersection between modern technologies and the hand-crafted vernacular influences of materiality and cultural tradition specific to the western North Carolina mountains.

Brandon Pass is a registered architect and a graduate of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University’s College of Architecture and Urban Studies where he received his Bachelor of Architecture in 1997.  Since, he has taught foundation design at the Illinois Institute of Technology, worked in top-level design firms in Chicago, and New York City, and established his independent practice in 2007 where he holds licenses to practice architecture in Illinois, New York and North Carolina.  He is also holds the vice-chair position for the Media Arts Project.

The Dry Goods Shop is currently seeking another studio/office-mate for our shared, large open work room.
Your dedicated space is roughly 120 sq ft, and includes access to a giant work table, class area, storefront for selling or gallery space, back room, kitchen, and lovely little patio. We are open to most types of medium. We would love to have someone who is looking for a full time studio and wants to be present and part of a great community. There is a 10 hour minimum a week to being here and having the store doors open, while working.
Also, we would love for you to share what you know or make, teach a class, sell your goods, plan an event, etc. 
Rent is $250 a month, includes all utilities - for more info thedrygoodsshop@gmail.com